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Image Consulting

Orden de ropa personalizada


Aimed at people who wish to acquire the basic knowledge of the image. The objective is to recognize the fundamental elements of personal image through practical and theoretical activities.


Aimed at people who wish to achieve their appearance and behavior goals in the world of image. The goal is to increase basic imaging skills.


Aimed at people who want to achieve their objectives and who wish to project themselves quickly, effectively and strategically in their image, communication and behavior at the managerial level.

Personal Counseling

May 28

A night to remember. Fresh cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Wine & Dessert Party

Discusión de las personas


It is the first level in a series of three courses. It is aimed at executives who wish to identify the impact of personal image in business, overcome business challenges through verbal communication and body language, as well as improve teamwork and development of both personal and professional skills.


It is the intermediate level program. It is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to recognize the impact of their personal and professional image through business protocol, create their own brand to transmit their executive leadership presence in a dynamic way and identify verbal and non-verbal communication strategies, as well as potentiate their teamwork.


It is the most advanced program. It is dedicated to businessmen and high-level executives, in which you can increase your skills to use your personal branding, recognize your attributes and enhance them according to your work environment and what you want to project.

Professional Consulting

May 28

A night to remember. Fresh cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Wine & Dessert Party

concepto de red social

You must pay extreme care to the image that you project through digital platforms, although it is true that they are a powerful weapon to consolidate a product or service, they can also be fatal if there is any oversight or failure in the image that is projected.

Image Consulting in

Social networks

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