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  • Talking about your PASSION is easy, but do you hate SELLING?


  • Out of 5 leads, do you close only 1 or none?


  • Is it tiring and irritable looking for potential clients and does it bother you that they reject you?

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  • Let the expert Carolina Bejar, AICI CIM, accompany you in this challenge of achieving your certification as she has done forcefully for more than 12 years with each of her students.


  • Its unique teaching method has proven to be 100% effective in obtaining the CIC certificate with worldwide validity.

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  • Do you feel that you can exploit your potential more, but do not know how to do it?

  • Are you not having the professional growth you expected?


  • When you speak, do you make no impact? 

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  • Become a consultant specialized in Physical Image in an intensive and effective period

  • Get all the necessary tools to undertake in the world of image and open your own business successfully and competently, having a personal branding that distinguishes you.

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  • In this workshop you will transform yourself from an average communicator to one who achieves a standing ovation, drawing tears or laughter from your listeners as your message requires.

Arte callejero

Artistic Image Elements

Focused on experts who want to deepen their knowledge in image. You will learn effectively the elements and principles of design; line, shape, color, texture and pattern.

You will be able to apply the knowledge immediately and complement your training as an image consultant.

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Physical Image

Focused on those who wish to become consultants specialized in physical image in an intensive and effective period.


The diploma course is completely personalized, so you can advance at your own pace and consult all your concerns.

Under the ESTIMA pedagogical system (Assertive Image Strategies), you will be able to learn dynamically and effectively.

You will obtain all the necessary tools to be able to undertake in the field of image and open your own consultancy.

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  • Have you ever wondered what others think of you



  • Are you consistent with the messages you want to convey and how do you do it?



  • Does your brand have a distinctive that makes you stand out in the company?


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