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Netiquette is a set of rules that try to regulate the behavior of users on Internet services.


When you enter a new culture like cyberspace, you risk making some mistakes.


You can offend without meaning to, or misunderstand what others are saying and take offense when it was not the intention of the sender.

That is why we provide you with the necessary information to know how to behave in all digital media in a professional way and respecting the established protocol.

• Answer the phone appropriately

• Make and return calls
• Message recording
• Appropriate use of emails

• Response times
• Cell phone use


It is important to dress appropriately for each occasion, especially in the executive field, therefore, choosing a wardrobe that reflects who you are will make you cause a greater impact in the world of work.

• Define your body shape
• Recognizes classic and basic garments
• Achieve versatility with few garments
• Recognizes how to make appropriate combinations • Psychology of color and power colors

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Executive dress code From casual to professional.

Aimed at managers and employees who need an effective image on different work occasions.


How many times do you not arrive at a place and see that you are wearing an inappropriate outfit for the situation?

Know what clothes will make you project a higher hierarchy in such a way that you can be perceived by others as a successful professional.

• Recognize garments of power
• Learn the psychology of color
• Use accessories appropriately
• Learn to dress for success
• Knows dress codes to never dress wrongly • Recognizes the good fit of a suit


Selling your image as a professional is possible thanks to Personal Marketing. No matter what position you hold, if you learn to master these simple tools you can have the opportunity to stand out and be seen.

Our seminar offers the principles and strategic tools on the protocol and executive or professional branding in terms of how to proceed, personal and professional grooming and positioning inside and outside the company or institution, which allow the construction of a brand. Remerable, consistent and competitive staff.


  • Learn how to position yourself as a brand

  • Cause others to remember you

  • Complement your knowledge with the creation of a powerful brand

  • Strengthen your positioning

  • Stand out in the executive world

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The way we behave speaks more about us than the words themselves, which is why the importance of recognizing how our verbal and non-verbal communication can help us to be successful.

Aimed at professionals who want to increase their communication skills; the manner of greeting, the netiquette, the business protocol, body language and appearance.

  • Learn how to make the best first impression

  • Know the use of postures and gestures

  • Use body language as a tool for success

  • Importance of eye contact

  • Review of your own image


Respecting the rules of etiquette is intended to better coexist in society and avoid any misunderstanding or discomfort when interacting with others, whether in a social or professional situation.

Social and corporate etiquette always go hand in hand; from a work party, the anniversary of the company or lunch with a client; even when we are in a corporate, dealing with high-level entrepreneurs, in our own work environment or with a partner.


Learn more:

  • Names, how to use it and how to remember

  • The correct greeting

  • Eye contact

  • Appropriate gifts

  • Distribution of guests at the table

  • Rules for business dinners

  • Who pays? Tips

  • Use of napkins

  • Glasses, glasses and cutlery

  • Thanks

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Communication at all levels must be assertive, effective and efficient; from an email, a voice message, a call and even when we are talking with someone.

Knowing how to communicate properly helps us to be direct with what we want to say and what we understand in order to avoid misunderstandings.

We touch on topics such as:

  • Confidence projection through tone of voice

  • Body communication and gestures

  • Position

  • Power level

  • Label on the phone

  • Label in post office (Netiquette)

  • Networking

PRESENTS HOW  TED and become a master speaker

If you've ever wondered what it takes to prepare and deliver a TED-style presentation, this workshop is for you.


The ability to transmit your ideas will help you to inspire, persuade and sell your project or service.

The objective of this workshop is to learn the techniques, structures and specifics of presenting in the TEDx style and presenting ideas in a short time.

• Develop skills to learn to speak in public
• Learn to condense the topic into a great idea and connect each point to the central topic

• Make the audience feel connected to the presentation
• Review of your own image and non-verbal communication to use as a strategy • Understand the importance of professional appearance and be consistent with your presentation
• Manage to intrigue, attract and persuade the audience



Studies conducted by psychologist Jeffrey L. Magee with 500 companies found that relaxed dressing leads to relaxed habits and productivity as well as increased litigation, decreased company loyalty, and increased tardiness.

The misunderstood casual Friday in companies can be a factor of decrease in productivity, for this reason it is important to establish clear limits and rules when dressing.


Possessing adequate knowledge of the use of the image will help to understand what is acceptable to successfully wear casual Friday.


  • Recognize the right clothes to wear on Fridays

  • Learn to put together appropriate but comfortable outfits

  • Know the correct dress codes to use

  • Understand the importance of the executive image

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