Carolina Béjar is an image consultant specializing in personal image and executive presence.


With professional training at Conselle Image Institute and the London Image Institute, Carolina knows that an image communicates more than a thousand words, “in only seconds people form an impression of you just by looking at you and these judgments determine the relationship for the future. That is why I think it is extremely important to manage an impeccable image not only in business but also in personal life “.

Carolina has the Master Certification Level of the International Association of Consultants, AICI CIM; There are only fifteen other people with this level around the world. “My philosophy is based on the conviction that the image is an extension of the person and a fundamental key to achieve successful and lasting personal and business relationships.”

Her tireless work has contributed to the phenomenal growth of the credibility and visibility of image consulting around the world. For this reason, she has received the prizes: Rising Star Award 2012, Chapter Member of the Year 2012, AICI Award of Excellence 2012, and Philanthropy Award 2019 of the International Association of Image Consultants AICI.

Carolina offers personalized consultancies and seminars all over the world and is a collaborator in programs such as “Elemental” by Efekto Tv, “Debate México” by Canal 40, “El sazón de la vida” on Channel 23, and “Noticiero con Fernando Cea” by Canal 123, and she writes in Corposano and Seis Sentidos magazines. Currently, she has her own program, “Image, therefore, I am” on the Mmood TV channel.

Her corporate clients include Aeromexico, Televisa, Procter & Gamble, IXE, Banorte and Ford Motor Company among many others.


“After so many years dedicated to forming and strengthening relationships with clients, I maintain my commitment and passion for teaching people and companies how to function successfully in business.”

Carolina Bejar se especializa en imagen personal y corporativa, abarcando las áreas de Estilo Personal y Análisis de Líneas.



Teléfono: +52 55 9185 9301

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