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Carolina Bejar is Speaker Developer, Consultant and Image Coach, with a Master's degree endorsed by AICI (International Image Association), with only 15 people carrying this recognition worldwide.  

He has a specialization in communication and assertive presentations from Harvard University, developing leaders with high-impact expositions; In addition, he has done training with Carmine Gallo, communication guru and expert in TED Talks.  

He has been a Coach in the TEDx Polanco forums four times, creating image, communication and leadership strategies for a high-impact speaker such as Carla Mathis, Master Image Consultant with the longest track record and reputation at AICI, “El Santo”, an emblematic character of the Mexican struggles, Maca Rotter, CEO of Televisa Consumer Products, among other international speakers.  

He has more than 5,000 hours of consulting and coaching experience that support his work.  

She is also certified in coaching by the International Coaching Federation and by the International Council of Shopping Centers, developing empowerment, improvement and professional growth strategies for leaders.

Carolina has worked with a wide variety of clients and associations, such as Aeroméxico, Hoteles Intercontinental, Televisa, Banorte-Ixe, Corporación Moctezuma, Firmenich, Procter & Gamble, Ford Motors Company, Hoteles Marriott, MPI, TED Talks, Ashrae, Banco Pichincha, Event Industry Show, Insignia Life, Camino Real, Vanitá, Mary Kay, IOS OFFICES, among others.

She has been awarded and distinguished with several international awards such as the Rising Star, the Award of Excellence and Philanthropic Awards, among others. 


Carolina Bejar Passy, has a degree in Education. He is certified in Image and Professional Development by the London Image Institute, as well as by the Conselle Institute of Image Management. Internationally certified with "Certified Image Master" by the International Association of Image Consultants. AICI, at the highest level that exists.



President of the International Association of Image Consultants AICI of Benefits to Members 2010 - 2013

President of AICI for Teleclasses and Webinars 2010 - 2014


International President of AICI Memberships 2013 - 2014



Carolina served as vice president of Events for AICI Chapter Cd de México in 2008

Vice President of the AICI Guadalajara Chapter 2010 - 2014



AICI Ambassador for Mexico 2009

Founder of the Guadalajara 2010 Chapter



Recognized with the 2010 “Rising Star” award by the International Association of Image Consultants AICI, for the merit of being the fastest growing person in the profession.

“AICI for a Cause” Award with the merit of the most outstanding philanthropic event internationally, being vice president of the 2011 chapter.

2012 Member of the Year Award


He achieved the distinction and award of "Excellence" for his contributions to the profession and the International Association of AICI Consultants in 2012



Carolina Bejar is the only Mexican with triple international certification and now a Master in Image Consultant by the AICI

• With this new appointment, Carolina Bejar is placed among the only 15 image consultants with international recognition

• Additionally, she is the only Mexican certified in coaching by the International Coaching Federation and by the International Council of Shopping Centers.



Provider of manuals for international use "Training Packaged" to publicize AICI internationally.

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